Working with gas can be really dangerous and hence the need for leaving the sensitive gas works to gas safe registered engineers. Some gas works however can be carried out by the consumer or other trade persons like plumbers provided they are not breaking the gas work regulations. For instance, the law allows the consumer to adjust or regulate components that are indicated in the user manual as those that the consumer can adjust or regulate.  Such components include for instance the cooker tap control knob. Other trade persons like plumbers and electricians can repair other non-gas units that are housed together with the gas unit.

What works should be left to a gas engineer?

The gas works that are sensitive and that interact with the combustion unit should not be done by anyone else but the gas engineer. The works they should carry out include; servicing, maintaining, repairing, disconnecting, renewing the fitting, freeing the fitting of air or gas, changing the position of the fitting if it is fixed completely and removing the fitting. Also removing the case of from the gas appliance should not be done by the customer if the casing is integral.  An integral casing is one that is a part of the combustion unit and also one that covers very important gas carrying components in the appliance. If the casing is decorative, then it can be removed by the consumer or any other trade person. The duties of the gas engineers have increased over time and now the engineers are also able to carry out functions such as central heating installation and repair.

What is required of a gas engineer?

The gas safe regulations were introduced in 2009 and they are a law that governs how gas engineers work. The regulation indicates that the person you have hired can be able to handle gas appliances and installations safely. The regulations are designed to protect the consumer from any unsafe work situations that could occur if gas was not handled with care. For an engineer to become gas safe registered they need to pass some gas related assignments in any of the UK recognized assessment centers, all engineers at Regain Heating Solutions in Liverpool are fully Gas Safe Registered. All the gas engineers working legally must be on the gas safe register. The engineers on the register can be able to work on all gas appliances including boilers, cookers and fire.

Before you engage a gas engineer in Liverpool you should consult to ensure that they are gas safe registered.  If they are registered they should have an ID card that indicates they are gas safe registered. The ID should bear the mark of the triangle which indicates they have really gone through the process.