The Worcester Bosch boilers

Worcester Bosch Boilers is the one of the UK leaders distributing domestic boilers. The company was started in 1962 and have been involved in distribution of boilers ever since. Due to their quality products and customer service the company has worn many awards and accolades to their name include the most coveted Which? Best Buy Awards which they have bagged for seven years running. They have also received the Royal Warrant for supplying their boilers to the Queens Sandringham estate. The company became part of the worldwide Bosch group in 1996 and our engineers are proud to install Worcester Bosch Boilers throughout Liverpool.

Kinds of Worcester Bosch Boilers

Worcester boilers come in different types. They have combination boilers, regular and system boilers. Their boilers can also be run using different fuels with the most common being gas boilers and oil boilers.  Some of the boilers they have include Greenstar i, Greenstar CDI classic, Greenstar CDI highflow, GB 162, Greenstar CDI FS Regular, Greenstar Heatslave II external, Greenstar Danesmoor External system and Greenstar Utility Regular to name but a few.

Combination boilers from Worcester Bosch – their most favorite combination boiler is the Greenstar I which was introduced in 2015 to replace the older version of it that had been installed in over a million homes in the UK. This boiler is favorable for a small to a medium sized home with one bathroom. This boiler has good features for the user which include the ability to have hot water instantaneously whenever they need it. The boiler also has simple boiler controls with information display so the user can be able to see the output of the boiler and so much more. The controls also enable greater comfort and efficiency. The boiler also saves electricity use because it has a low energy pump.

System boilers from Worcester Bosch– the system boilers are favorable for use in large homes and commercial properties. One of their market leading boilers is the GB162. The boiler can be installed on its own or can be installed as a part of a cascade boiler system. It has intuitive user controls that include intelligent features like the weather and load compensation which makes the boiler efficient and comfortable. The boiler can integrate with solar thermal installations and also it comes in a compact design that can be hung on a wall.

Regular boilers from Worcester Bosch – these boilers are favorable for use in small and mid-sized homes. Their best seller in this category is the Greenstar Ri boiler. This boiler comes in a compact design that can fit in a kitchen cupboard. It is also has intuitive user controls and can be operated with solar panels to save costs. If you already have a heating system that includes a storage cylinder then this is the boiler for you. To protect the boiler in very cold weather is frost protection which reduces the risk of frost if the boiler is installed in the garage.

A Popular and ever growing alternative to Worcetser Boilers is the Vaillant range.