Vaillant Boilers

Vaillant Group which Vaillant UK is a part of, is a family owned company that has been in existence for over 141 years. It is a worldwide brand with presence in over 20 countries and making sales to over 60 states. The company was the pioneer of the combination boilers 35 years ago. In the quest to save the environment the company is producing environment friendly heating and air conditioning products that save energy usage and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by far. The company has an award winning ecoTEC range of boilers that are meant to help them achieve environment friendliness. Vaillant has a wide range of boilers for domestic and commercial use and regain heating solutions are proudt to offer an installation service for Vaillant boilers throughout Liverpool.

Energy Efficient Vaillant Boilers

Combination boilers – A combination boiler is connected directly to the mains and heats the water as it is needed without the need for storage. In this category one of their favorite boilers is the ecoTEC exclusive green iQ which includes the ecoTEC technology and other intuitive features in the design. First the boiler is compact made and can be wall hung. It is also very efficient which is achieved by the use of the extra-condensate heat exchanger. The boiler also delivers a very high flow rate of 17.8 l/min due to the high power 43 kW output. The boiler is very quiet and has won the Which? Best Buy award for that.

System boilers – their system boilers need a cylinder to store hot water but the components are build into the boiler itself and therefore there is no need to have a tank in the loft for the boiler. One of the best boilers in this range is the ecoTEC exclusive system boiler. This boiler also has very quiet operation. It is also made 85% recyclable meaning so that at the end of its life it does not become a bother to the environment. With this boiler you get energy savings because it has a high modulation that adapts to every situation ensuring the boiler does not use more energy than it is supposed to.  When connected with vaillant vSMART heating control the boiler achieves A+ ErP rating.

Open vent boilers – if you already have the old open vented heating system in your house, then this boiler will be the ideal upgrade for you. The ecoTEC Plus Open vent boiler is one of the boilers in this range. The boiler comes in six different models ranging from 12kW to 38kW which means that there will always be a product for every home. The installation of the product should involve a complete heat loss calculation to best determine the suitable model. These boilers are able to run with a 89.2% efficiency rating. The boiler operation is quiet and you get a total system from Vaillant with the purchase of this product.

A popular alternative to the Vaillant range are the ever popular boilers from Ideal.