Tips for Staying Warm When a Boiler Has Broken Down

A boiler is most likely to breakdown in cold weather when it is being used often leaving you without heat and vulnerable. Sometimes this can be avoided by ensuring that your boiler is well maintained and serviced before the cold weather sets in. Other times the breakdown could be beyond your control. Whenever there is a breakdown in your boiler during winter, ensure that you contact a heating engineer or a plumber immediately so that they can have your problem fixed. Some companies and some engineers have emergency services and they will be able to reach you in no time. However, you need to keep warm before the repair person gets to you. Here are some tips to help you keep warm when you boiler has broken down.

Eat or drink hot foods and liquids – intake of hot foods or liquids will help to keep your body warm. Holding a hot cup of chocolate or tea will also warm up your hands and keep your body warm.

Wear more clothing – the easiest way you can keep yourself warm is to layer up. Put on more layers of clothing on the ones that you already have on to insulate. Also ensure that your head and arms are covered and that you also have socks on. If you still feel cold you could cover yourself up in bed to add on to the warmth.

Retain heat in the house – ensure that you retain the heat in the house. The house will be warmer than the air outside therefore it is important to ensure that the cold air outside does not get into your house. Close all the windows and the curtains. Windows are the biggest source of loss of heat from your house and therefore ensure that they are well covered. Also ensure that the doors stay locked so that no cold air comes in through the door. When the doors are closed use towels or draught excluders to cover the spaces that would let the warm air in your house out or let cold air in.

Use other sources of heat – when you have ensured that your house is insulated and there is no heat loss, you can then look for other sources of heat to use. For instance, you could use electric heaters if you have them. When the house is well insulated you will only need to warm the house and switch off the heater because the heat will be retained so that you can save on costs. Also you could heat water using a stove and put it in bottles so you can hold on to the water to keep your body warm. If you have a fire place in the house it might be time to go old school and light a fire to keep warm.

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