There are different kinds of boilers which will cost differently depending on certain factors like size and how efficiently the boiler delivers for the home owner. Here are some of the boilers that a landlord or a homeowner can decide to install and how much they would cost them recently, the boiler installers here at Regain Heating Solutions have vast experience installing all types of boiler throughout Liverpool.

System Boiler Installations

System boilers – these boilers are also called sealed –system boilers. They operate by maintaining water pressure to ensure there is proper flow. They also allow use of multiple taps from the boiler. There is very little drop in pressure when multiple taps are opened and therefore the boiler can be able to serve multiple users at the same time. These kinds of boilers have a cylinder and they heat the water in the cylinder before they send it out to the users. A system boiler costs averagely £1500 and is favorable for use in average sized homes.

Standard Boiler Installations

Standard boilers – they have tanks that run through the boiler. Water running through the pipes is heated rapidly and then sent out to the users. These boilers are also favorable for use in large scale tasks like heating floors and walls. These kinds of heaters are favorable for big homes and buildings and are the most commonly used in residential buildings. Such a boiler averagely costs about £3500.

Combi Boilers

Combination boilers – these kinds of boilers do not have a tank where water is stored to be heated and are therefore connected directly to the water supply. They then heat the water in the pipes and then send it out through the pipes to the house for use or for heating the house. Using multiple taps with this boiler at the same time can cause a drop in pressure of the water. They are favorable for small households and apartment buildings. They cost £1300 on average. A combination boiler can be improved by installing a small tank with it to take care of the drop in pressure when multiple taps are being used.

A New Boiler for Your Home in Liverpool

Boilers run on natural gas or propane, fuels like oil or wood and even electricity. Wood pellet burning is also gaining popularity in boiler use because it does not have so many particulates vented and therefore the exhaust is cleaner. A clean exhaust means that the system is highly efficient. The price of the boilers also varies with the kind of fuel that is being used to run the boiler.  Boilers are durable materials and can last for really long some lasting for over 40 years but typically the life span of a boiler is 15 years and a new installation has many benefits. This is of course with proper maintenance and servicing of the boilers. Boilers can also be repaired when they are not working properly and the costs range with the magnitude of the repairs to be done.